Great week ends…

Well, This week was great for us all at Pastilles Networks. The rolling out of our spring into summer sale really got clients out there coming to us.

So with all that going on this has been a record breaking week for us. We are very happy and proud. Jake has been working hard on the clan hosting discounts (soon to be put up on site!)

I am looking forward to see what the future holds for us 🙂

Spring into summer sale commences!

Our spring into summer sale officially commenced yesterday!

Pastilles Networks – is offering huge discounts as part of our spring into summer sale.

The coupon code you must enter on sign-up is FREEWEB90FM

But hurry only 40 are available and they expire on the 31st May! This entitles you to 90% off the first month!

Founded in 2005 we are committed to providing ALL our clients with the finest quality service and reliability. On top of that we are a host that still has good manners! Thank you and Pleases go a long way and are uncommon in this fast paced day and age. We will do anything and everything in our power to please you.

Standard Hosting Plans

GoldSpangle Plan

2000MB/2GB Disk Space
10000MB/10GB Transfer
All cPanel features
£4.99 – $9.91 P/M
Order securely

RedSpangle Plan

1000MB/1GB Disk Space
5000MB/5GB Transfer
All cPanel features
£3.99 – $7.92 P/M
Order Securely

GreenSpangle Plan

500MB Disk Space
2000MB/2GB Transfer
All cPanel features
£2.99 – $5.94 P/M
Order securely

Key Features:

Site studio builder – Add-on $3.77/£2.00
Phone Support (Request from customer service)
Helpdesk Support
Forum Support
Quick activation

Become a client and start referring your friends today for money off your hosting bill!

For more information comment below! To sign up just hit order on our more info page 😉

Driving Lesson No.11

Today I had a good lesson. Did parallel parking, turn in the road and left reverse turn. We didn’t get onto Bay parking this week 🙁

My instructor says my driving is going well and we should be looking at booking a test in about two to three weeks!! I am happy with my driving and will go out in my mums car on Sunday to practice bay parking.

Looking forward to next weeks lesson.

Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer


I saw this a few days ago and thought it was great. Sadly it’s only for PS3 (or the XBOX 360) and I’m not that interested in video games anymore and I don’t feel like paying £500 for the pleasure of playing it when it’s released. I don’t feel like paying for neither.

You can get the High definition torrent here. I recommend using ABC client to download the file.

I quite like the look of it but I am not as interested in gaming anymore (just flying, driving and Pastilles Networks 😛 )

As I said I am not interested in gaming much but when I do decide to purchase the PS3 it will only be because of the GTA series.

I will wait a long time before I purchase (Will await the price to go down and for problems to be ironed out). That’s also one reason why I won’t be purchasing windows vista for a year or two. Problems need to be ironed out and solved because I am sure there are problems that are widespread.

Needless to say it looks like it will be a hit! 🙂

Theory Passed!

I passed my theory today!

35/35 Multiple choice, 51/75 Hazard Perception

The hazard perception was longer, harder and even more boring then I expected. The multiple choice theory was as I expected not too hard. Happy to get 35/35!

All those who are thinking about taking their theory soon think about it harder! 🙂

The questions are increasing to 50 in September 😉