PayPerPost – Review – Looks good!!

I’m going to be upfront about this. This is a paid review for PayPerPost. This will be a honest post even though I am getting paid for this.

PayPerPost is part of the new web 2.0 and a exciting way for bloggers to make money. It’s great if your a advertiser with a low budget but would like to get your business out on several blogs.

Looking in the opportunities section there are lots of good topics and writers can choose on which niches and themes they want to write about.

The site itself is extremely easy to use and understand (which is something! Because I find some sites tricky to navigate πŸ˜‰ ). It’s currently in beta 3.46. Things are likely to change due to it being in beta but I think it’s pretty good as it is now.

Bloggers Dashboard

The bloggers dashboard is neat tidy and clear. It also gives you a link to the firefox toolbar for PayPerPost. I installed this. It’s great! Allows me to check the amount earned and login. The dashboard has a top earners block and a PayPerPost blog block. When your blog hits the big time (high pagerank and high alexa rank etc) you can start looking in the big green.

PayPerPost - Bloggers - Dashboard

The dashboard is above.

To sum up

As I find out more about PayPerPost I am sure I will come to love it even more. I love it already and I feel it has lots of potential. I have made a few friends who have been participating for a while. So far I have only been a member for around a month. I am sure I will enjoy it as time goes on and I will continue learning from the whole experience.

Goals – Things to achieve!

Well, I have begun setting myself some goals for the summer. I believe goals will give me something to reach if not by the end of the summer then the year.

In no particular order πŸ˜‰

1.) Continue building Pastilles Networks. Building the client database and our reputation.

2.) Get the new forum style up and running at Let Politics Talk and to compete with more communities and move up the politipoll ranking.

3.) A personal goal here. To get fitter over the summer. More running etc. Eat healthier.

4.) To do well at college. Year 2 is going to be harder apparently πŸ™

5.) Pass my driving test (No, I still won’t say when it is πŸ˜› )

6.) Work harder and smarter on all my projects. Especially Let Games Talk which I have neglected. However I am hoping to relaunch soon πŸ™‚

Now I have got to reach these goals.

I will come back to them later and review how many of them I have met πŸ™‚