Drunken night and still passed

So, I had a bit too much to drink last night. Came home late and had to wake up early for my driving test.

I only remembered I had a exam in the morning while my brains where still in France. I woke up a tad late. Had nothing to eat and couldn’t find my counterpart license. Found it in the end. Matty kept his head cool and passed.

Just another day in the mixedmatt disorg 🙂

Here, Here, Here!

IPod is here and so am I!

Well, I’m still around. Trying to make a bit of cash before uni as I have nothing saved up and will rely on parents. Will need to ask my manager nicely for more shifts before I leave. On another note I really want to leave work soon. It’s become hectic and a drag, I am not enjoying it. Counting down the weeks/days. No doubt I will regret leaving so early for a bit but I am sure I will get over that.

Of course there will be things I miss from work.

Pictures of heap loads of washing up removed for the time being 🙂

University wise. I got access to my PIP (Personal Information Portal) recently and joined the student union. I still need to wait for my results and then I will apply for accommodation.

Soooooo still lots for me to do this summer. I haven’t been karting yet. I need to ring up and let friends know.

All my savings for any holiday have gone into university.. it’s not like I had saved much anyway.

At the time of posting this I was listening to Rob Thomas – Lonely No More.

I will be back soon…… 🙂