Apple Elf – Development Part one of many!

I’m not going to say much about anything now except that things are coming along nicely. However we need to know what would make the most complete hosting experience in your own opinion.

This is where Apple Elf needs your help. Just make a post here about what you believe a webhost company should provide you.

In return you will receive one month free hosting on any plan when we launch.

Thank you for your assistance 🙂

Whats happening?

Well, I’ve been concentrating on my online projects a lot over the past few weeks. In particular Ferrari Fans and Apple Elf. Ferrari Fans needs a push start and I have been frantically been trying to get bits ready to launch Apple Elf. Progress is being made.

The current logo looks like this


I am back now and will be updating this more frequently. Oh and my parents decided to buy a kitten and name him Smokey. He’s cute but it’s tough to do anything with him around.



At the time of writing this post I was listening to nothing! It’s currently 2:49am.