Feeling more positive

Truth is I have become disillusioned with my degree. I’m not going to pin this down on certain difficult lecturers but rather myself. I chose a motorsport degree because I done a bit of karting and loved watching it on tv.

However I’ve lost interest and feel like I should be chasing something else… I probably should have seen this coming ages ago. I look a what I know I can do and seem to have a passion for and I see the web, servers, databases, COMPUTING! Maybe I’m just having a phase.

Computers not working!
(Maybe I should focus on a career in the IT/technology field)

I know how to work with php to some extent (I got a lot more to learn and I’m working on it) I can work with MSSQL and MYSQL. I feel like I should something related to what I can do. There is a lot to this but I been feeling down over my university choices.

In other news… I’m still focusing my efforts on getting Ferrari Fans on top. At the moment I am in talks with some designers over a new theme. I hope that buy July 2010 we will have something revolutionary online. Something more then what we have now which is effectively just a forum.

It’s also great to see Michael Schumacher in F1 overalls in the vicinity of a F1 car again! Welcome back Michael and Fernando Alonso has given his first interview as a Ferrari F1 driver.

At the time of writing this I was listening to: Wyclef Jean feat Mary J Blige – 911

Till next time… love ya all πŸ™‚

Ferrari Fans Improvements

Some new staff members have come aboard. They are talented, fresh and eager to help us expand.

There are 3 main issues that need tackling. These are:

1.) One is lack of activity – No new members!

2.) Lack of direction – Managements fault.. = mine.

3.) A site overhaul – Upgrade to vb4 and finally go the full CMS site route. Make it more of a community. Design new graphics for most parts of the site.

We have a chance to actually push these three main areas and get them completed on time. Thanks to the talented staff we have on board. We hope to get the main issues cleaned up by our 3rd Anniversary.

If you love Ferrari’s and want to help out. Head over to ferrarifans.net register and private message matt!

Talented? What? Lazy Yes!

Am I talented? Well, I don’t look upon myself as such. Am I lazy? I would have to say yes to that!

Today I got told I was a very talented person but frustratingly lazy to work with. I agree to the second part and have constantly tried to improve and become less of a lazy bum. I’ve made it my near years resolution but I constantly find motivation hard.

Lazyness is often used in a joke reference to someone who spends a day or two on the sofa.. but for me I think it’s actually starting to hold me back! πŸ™

Any chance someone can gimme some tips on how to improve on productivity? I’m not too lazy to search for myself so don’t think that πŸ˜‰