Wow what a eventful month!

This month has been really busy for me. With a unfortunate and worrying illness in the family and even more progress with my business.

I have a business advisor and been to many seminars back in London about starting up and I have a real roadmap for these 3 weeks. To finish market research, finalise my business plan and submit to banks. The main priorities after then will be structuring and sorting the premises with the council. The website really needs tweaking because it wasn’t really structured to handle a store online and offline! In reality it was created before any plans were firm and this was a mistake. One that won’t be made again. I’m drawing up a website plan too.

Work has become somewhat ridiculous but I will speak about that when I become detached from that company (then I can’t be fired) 🙂

Must get to sleep now… got work tomorrow again. Not long left till I leave Oxford for a bit.

Btw, If you live, study or work in Oxford please fill out this quick questionnaire for me. It will help me with my market research and you will be entitled to a money off voucher when we launch.

Peace! 🙂

Me & The MonkeyPC

I can’t think of what to write about really. I will be blogging about The MonkeyPC later on in this week or month. I have lot of exciting things planned regarding that and have had some feedback which has come in handy.

I’m still working hard at Sainsburys in Oxford. I only have a few weeks left until I leave.

Other then that not much has changed personally. However, on the business side things are almost ready. The draft business plan is complete. The financials are a little weak and need a second going over.

There is still a lot to do but progress is coming on.

Lovin’ the weather hope it stays sunny.. stay tuned for more updates 🙂