Frustration, Frustration and Frustration!

Don’t you just hate when you lose a computer file? (or anything for that matter)

I sat down with the intention of making some sort of progress with my old project Although it appears this won’t be fulfilled tonight. It appears I (in my infinite wisdom) accidentally deleted all .psds and plans of the organisation altogether somehow. Despite me thinking I had backed it up using google docs and my external hard drive 🙁

At least I still have the logo! Seeing as I can’t find the .psd I might design a better one tomorrow. I have increased my knowledge of photoshop since then. Of course that’s after I finish working with my clients. Everything feels so rushed 🙁

TechMouse Logo

PFFFFFT! I feel so frustrated. Dunno why I feel so fragile at the moment.

At least my MCDST (Microsoft Desktop Support Technician) book came today. Might just crack on with reading that. Hopefully I can crack through the course pretty quick. Really need this certification. It doesn’t seem too hard, got 60% without any study.

Off to bed now.. gonna have a read then snuggle up. Night readers!

Ubuntu 10! Simply wow!

I’ve not been following the Ubuntu (operating system) project for a while. Randomly decided to head back over the other day and saw ubuntu 10 has been released. Last time I looked ubuntu 9 was on the scene. I didn’t gel with ubuntu 9 hopefully 10 will be different.

I’m downloading it and will report back my opinion here 🙂

From what I see on site it looks like the system has had a major overhaul. Simply looks amazing!!

University, What a way to waste two years.

I’ve wanted to talk about it all for a while. So, Many people have asked me why I left and some people have even said I will be worse off. Time will tell but right now I’ve felt the best I ever have! I don’t think university was ever for me. However, I was excited when I started. I thought it’s a change and I expected so much. To be taught, the vessel they call a brain filled.. where I could get lots of hand on practical experience. Taught by lecturers who were passionate, loved their job and cared about the students.

The experience wasn’t all bad but one or two lecturers stood out as being poor. Reading from powerpoints and working from course-notes into workbooks wasn’t what I had in mind. Maybe I was a fool?! Paying over £3000+ in tuition fees though I expected better.