Interview at Duplications. Total employer fail!

For the first time in my life I’ve come across a employer who is truly unprofessional. That’s from the first two minutes in the interview through to the second interview (with the same employer) where the employer had to “Shoot off” from a staff member. Not only that but this employer also lied to the recruiting agency.

Congratulations to Duplications of Enfield highway!

Lets begin with the first interview…

I’m on a pre-pilot scheme with the job centre and have been looking for IT roles for approx two months. Two roles came up that I had knowledge of doing. A trainee web designer role at a nice web design company in Enfield Town and Trainee IT Technician in Enfield Highway courtesy of Duplications!

The first interview was with the nice company, it wasn’t really a role I was interested in and I was more interested with the role at duplications. Designing websites was always something secondary. So, when I didn’t get the role with the company in Enfield I wasn’t surprised but wasn’t too disappointed either. The interview I had with them was conducted in a very professional manner and was what I would expect.

Along comes first interview at Duplications Limited. The place I would have liked to work. The attitude of my interviewer Vince was quite frankly appalling. There was no structure to the interview or set questions. I came on time and received a lecture from the interviewer about my age and that I shouldn’t be compelled to just accepting any job I can do. Even though I had been targeting IT jobs with the job centre for months! I hate being sworn at in conversation and this is what I received about four times… in a interview!! Anyway, passing the first interview I got through to the second interview. This was where the real fun started.

Second Interview

Due to come in at 9:00am I arrived a few minutes late. 9:03am and get told by a staff member to set my watch to their time!! Can you believe it? Haha 😀

He also explained that Vince had another appointment and had gone elsewhere. Couldn’t he have rung me before I left?? :@ One wonders how long the interview would have been if it had been conducted.

If this is how duplications and Mr. Bavetta treat a potential employee then shame on them. Can you imagine how a customer or potential customer must get treated??

To top it all off a staff member told me to come back on Monday. This staff member saw the time and I was nowhere near ten minutes late as Mr. Bavetta claims. My watch showed 9:03am. Okay, three minutes…

Time I was due to arrive

Time I was due to arrive for second interview.

So, Not only were duplications not able to conduct a professional interview. Duplications also lied/exaggerated the fact I was only three minutes late.

Bit upsetting as it was through the job centre HTCIC program but sure my opportunity will come again.

The Blogpost without a title!

I actually can’t think of a subject line for this post. So, I’ll start writing without one.

I’ve posted at The AdminZone. Seeking general wizards for!!
People that can provide developmental input pre launch and take on a moderator/contributor role after launch. The thing that’s unique about TechMouse is it’s not being run commercially. Well not in the old “Cut someone’s throat” to make a bit of cash sense. I wasn’t advocating murder by the way (although it’s at that stage already in some countries I think! ) 🙂

It’s pretty much going to be what it says on the tin. Other users helping others out. Increasing community and outsider knowledge.

Of course that means financially where does the money come from to support such a organisation. This is where the members can suggest ways to people behind the scenes. Donations are one way but these are difficult times and some people aren’t comfortable with them. TechMouse also seeks to be kept advert free. So this only leaves one option partnerships and community suggestion. As there are no big bosses at TechMouse, The users will be the decision makers there are other ways to go that haven’t been brought to the table yet. Due to the lack of a community at the moment of course! But I’m posting around many places at the moment.

Moving away from finances. I’m drafting up a organisation plan. I have one big idea. I don’t know if it will even work but I know it’s never been attempted!! It could be just what those laid off due to the recession would need especially those in IT.

I know who will be designing the final logo I think. I’ve seen his work and it’s pretty good. As I said before this one looks a bit too yucky. My photoshop skills are no good!

Wow, this looks like a essay and is probably really boring to read. Heh, I should hop off considering the time.

I want to quickly mention The MonkeyPC. We are working on a spruce up of the design (Yes, yes it’s not been long since the first) but this design aims to fix the problems that weren’t right with the current. Most notably content appearing not to stand out and the client area being messy and unstyled. I can say what we have now is a improvement but still not quite there. I’ll post more on that some other time.

BTW, I’ve found a title for the post!!


Not so frustrated now :)

I started again with the documents I lost. I started with my organisation plan and I drafted up a new logo. Well until I get my designer to design a new one 🙂

Take a look I’d like people to let me know what they think. The more constructive feedback the better!

The Mouse is kind of small and messy. I’ll get my designer to fix that. I’ve investigated what solution to open the site with and set up a “Coming soon!” landing page.

I’m quite interested in using drupal. Mainly because I’ve used Joomla! for a number of years now and it’s good to diversify. Theming for drupal seems a little more confusing. Drupal 7 (not released) has easier working interface. One of the first things I didn’t notice when first playing around with drupal, was the fact the backend and the frontend are basically the same. This is quite new to me but quite a good thing. The backend of Joomla! people often don’t theme so it stays the same. The default format becomes boring after a few years believe me 🙂

The drupal community pointed out that it’s pretty ideal to use the package. I love the drupal icon… pretty random I know! 😀

I really am passionate about this project though, and I’m really looking forward to helping people with their computer problems.

TechMouse will need staff. TechMouse is a voluntary organisation and all contributions are done out of passion. If someone should join the team they will be able to add their activity to their CV/Resume and your employer can contact me (notify me first).
I’ll speak more about what the site will feature in the future. Someone asked me about Ferrari Fans this week. To clear that up, I’m still awaiting a response from Ferrari’s copyright and domain infringement agent.

If you want to help out and find out more about contributing click here. I really need to get round to completing my MCDST certification study. If anyone has done that before please let me know how you found the exam.

and…. I’ll probably be really frustrated about something else next time I write….. 😀