University, What? Again? Haha

In contrast to my post here (and after several months of thought) I believe it was the university that just wasn’t the correct one for me. I’m planning for entry in 2011. This time I will be living at home I think. To keep costs down. I’m still going to continue with my engineering path.

There’s a lot I got to do and work out myself. A lot of things to do still. Anyone returned to university? Anyone at university and think it’s right to return or wrong to? Please comment if you can give some advice. Will be keeping you all updated 🙂

It’s Valentines!

Not updated this for a while but thought I should cos I keep getting defaced by some Turkish group. Anyway.. happy valentines to those hooked!

My life has taken another twist. I’m contemplating going back to university. I’ve been thinking and doing much but not a lot if that makes sense! To mention the jobs market is flooded and finishing a Engineering degree is the way to go 🙂

I’ve not kept my gym promise yet. I will when I become a student again.

I’m gonna try and write more here in 2011. Stay tuned.