Mistakes you wish you never made!

Do you have that mistake you wish you NEVER made? Please tell me I am not alone 🙂

I sold a forum (Let Politics Talk) back in 2008 because I was heading off to university and didn’t have time to manage it. I hadn’t been for months prior to the sell anyway. Unfortunately I sold, I could have got a lot more for it but I needed to offload my projects so I could commit. When I sold up I made it very clear of the direction I wanted the community to take. I wanted someone to take care of it continue development and create a less centralised moderation team.

One of the first errors I made (when I was part of the team) at LPT was leadership. We had a dictatorship more then anything and not a very diverse moderation team. This lead to one member being banned mainly because others didn’t believe with his views and thought he was a extremist. Which I believe now is entirely the wrong course to take. At the time I should have seen it too 🙁

I can only put that down to inexperience on my part, and the lack of having a diverse team from different backgrounds who are able to see things from different angles. We were all pretty similar unfortunately.

… And under the new leadership

Under the new leadership nothing much has changed. Apart from lots of great SEO and lots of awful spam. The forum still has the same broken parts as I left it back in 2008. This leads me to believe the software hasn’t been upgraded at all! Fair enough if we were only talking visuals. As visually its not too bad. I don’t want to be critical of the current owner as he has done more with SEO then I could have. I’m looking to become involved with it again if I can as I’d love to be of some use.

However, looking back on it now. Would I give my baby up again? Never 🙂

Novenet Limited is coming along…


Novenet Limited is coming along. When I say that I mean still in the planning stages. A few things are confirmed though. It will be the local business arm focusing on providing web services to local business initially.

We have a prototype logo (as you can see above) which will change when we have a found one that represents our image. I can’t remember if I posted it before. The logo is above. I have clear plans of what we should focus on. It’s just getting it down actioned on and the like. There still is a skills drain which needs filling. If anyone is looking for a experience to put on their CV and is located in the UK please contact me! 🙂

Terror Victims

R.I.P the 2,976 Americans who lost their lives on 9/11. R.I.P the 48,644 Afghans and 1,690,903 Iraqis who paid the ultimate price for a crime they didn’t commit, and the hundreds of thousands of people who die through terror attacks around the world.

What you get from McDonalds Enfield Retail Park

Click for a larger image! - Yummy.

Hope you like my cheesy eyelash! Mhmmm 🙂

Nearly made me sick 🙁

Fancied a cheeseburger for lunch cos they are so addictive! Anyone who knows Enfield knows this retail park is pure evil. Krispy Kreme is opposite McDonalds note this was the first Krispy Kreme in Europe! I call it fat park. Half way through eating my burger and boom I noticed there was a eyelash on my wrapper in the cheese. I’ve heard of McDonalds famous garnishes but never this. Almost made me chunder.

I prefer burger king anyway. Better tasting… A shame there is so few of them. Hope I haven’t put you all off.

First post using the wordpress app for my iPhone!

Woohoo 😀