Beautiful weather = Lazy mixedmatt

Nice sunny day!

I just got my marks for my second assignment today. Very good. Same as the first!!However it was much tougher then the first. I needed to put together an essay plan and structure. As well as select he most appropriate parts of what I had studied, to answer the essay question. I will dissect it and look at my tutors comments later on. Even more detailed comments this time and praise!

Today has been such a nice day again! πŸ˜€

I’m kind of saving for another Clio. Really looking for a 04 or 05 when I have the cash. I hate taking buses and travelling around slowly. I will do my research this time.

I’ve been having a tricky time of late and no doubt will have a even trickier one next month but one person has helped me through things a little. Shes even tried to help me gain confidence to talk to the person I like (even if I’m still to shy to do anything face to face ). Really strange thing is despite the fact she went to my university we haven’t met yet. Hopefully we will soon πŸ™‚

Nobody gave me music in my last post. I know I have a reader base out there even if it is small! Give me some good music!! My iPod really needs updating.

On a separate note I can’t express how much I hate how iTunes handles all my iPhone music. Having no drag and drop is nonsense and I don’t want to sync to a playlist either!

ECU problems leave mixedmatt carless…

All in the title really.

It drove fine the day before driving me to and from work. Then Sunday morning came and nada. Nothing engine was just turning over but no ignition it wouldn’t move off the drive. I had to get my mum to give me a lift to work. Next day I called out britannia rescue to get the car to the garage. Was horrible having to see my baby car on the back of a tow truck. Anyway, Next morning after my university tutorial my worst fears where confirmed. The ECU was not responding to anything. Common fault on Renault Clios of this age πŸ™

I’m not 100% sure what I’m gonna do yet. Really hate taking buses to work and around. Have to leave so early to go anywhere and I’m addicted to a car now! Having taken the bus yesterday to work and having to leave so early it just gets me down. When I get a new car I would like it to be another Clio in Black. Just gonna make sure it’s a better one πŸ˜‰

Better get back to writing my essay.

Oh by the way, Pleaseee can someone list some tunes in the comments below that I can stick on my iPod? I’ll love you forever. I got old crap on here and it’s really boring.

New PC, Frustrations and PPE :)

I’ve had troubles with my blog recently. Being defaced and then losing data thanks to stupid technicians. I’m back and will remain back! Hackers can go screw themselves.

Anyway, I finally got a new PC. So, I won’t be needing to be doing any upgrading in a very long time! Good news πŸ˜€

Here are a few pictures for your viewing. I haven’t got the specs with me at the moment but I will put them up soon. It’s very meaty. I’m liking it a lot. I haven’t made full use out of it yet or pushed it to it’s limits (which is gonna be hard) but all great so far. Its a custom build from

One of the frustrations these past two months has come from my business. The MonkeyPC has a extremely strong selling point in Monkey Care. However its got a weakness in the fact it’s too near its limits so to speak. It can’t meet clients demands fast enough in this division. I’ve lost clients already because of it. Moving back to this server has cost a lot. The old one was meant to be stable and give a improvement but instead it was the opposite. Now our billing system (WHMCS) is sending out overdue notices to clients who shouldn’t be receiving them. It’s been a nightmare these few months πŸ™

Moving on from that my first few weeks with the open university have been good. I’m now getting into the meaty part. I’ve submitted my first assignment and I’m not sure how thats going to go. Got to wait a while for the results. The next few weeks are a lot tougher. More work and the fact I fell a bit behind after completing the first assignment. However, it’s more interesting. Looking into consumption, rubbish and how we shop in society. I’ve not made many notes so far and the notes I do make I’m trying to digitise them to make them neat and organised.

Catching up is very difficult considering the volume of work and other things I do. So, I’m making it my mission to catch up by tomorrow. A large part has been done today. I also had a tutorial today. I really enjoy them its great seeing tutors that actually engage with their students and don’t tell them off when they come in late like little kids. Today we had a good debate and discussion. However, much like question time there wasn’t enough time!

I have questions to raise about the second assignment it looks challenging to say the least. First I just want to catch up with the weeks study. Almost done all my online activities. Gonna go now. Hope to post tomorrow after I finished my work. Love all my readers πŸ˜‰