TMA 7 of DD101 gone.. and some new updates!

Politics and Philosophy books

Well, I just hurriedly sent off my last assignment for DD101 my first open university module. Happy to get it out the way. Feels like I just sent a heap of junk in though!

I went to a Language taster evening at the open university’s centre in Camden on Wednesday. I actually surprised myself with how much French I actually remembered!! Anyway the real eye catcher was the lovely girl opposite me and we kept stealing glances. She spoke perfect French as her grandmother was French. Very attractive!

I’m now fully registered up for A222 and officially started my next module exploring philosophy. I’m holding off on doing two modules as I really don’t want to overload myself especially as philosophy requires a clear mind!

I love Camden town and there are always so many things going on and pretty ladies.
The atmosphere and vibe is amazing, when I’m not sprinting to uni! I need to spend more time there 😀

I plan on joining the gym on payday too and actually going. So lookout for a fitter mixedmatt! Also in the not to distant future I hope to get my feet back into a go-kart again… When I have the time and funds. Hope all my faithful readers are fine…

Love you all 🙂

Received materials for my next module

Philosophy Material for Module A222

Not posted in a while. Sorry 🙁

I received my materials last week for A222 Exploring Philosophy (pictured) and DD203 Power, etc which I did put on hold until I finish A222 but the materials still came anyway. I need to contact the uni about that.

I purchased a iPad mostly for studying the second module. It’s been a bit cumbersome with all these books so I’m hoping I can unlock the power of the iPad to help me.

On a side note. If any one has recommendations for good applications please can you suggest some to me? Also I have a problem with iTunes not converting any film at all. Is this how it always behaves its such a pain in the neck.

Anyway staying on course. I’m excited to started A222 but nervous about finishing DD101. I’m planning the last assignment and it’s a little tricky. It’s about legitimising the state and democracy.

It all seems real. I’m starting another level 2 module again for the first time in a long time and I can’t wait. The Open University has shown me what real university education should be like so far. Well we pay enough for it. Traditional universities are far too complacent I believe.

If anyone can give me some assistance with the iPad and how to convert files. From both torrents and other means please post below. Thank you 😉