Holiday for next year

A Da Vinci holiday

The Vitruvian Man (c. 1485) Accademia, Venice – One of Da Vinci’s most famous works.

I’ve been thinking where to go on holiday next year. I want to keep it factual and just be in awe.. One of my heroes is Leonardo Da Vinci, just a genius in my eyes and I’d love to go to one of the Da Vinci museums in Rome or Florence.

Then there is Sweden where I’d like to spend a week or two. It’s a country I’ve always wanted to learn more about and I’d love to tick it off my list πŸ™‚

I think Italy might be winning me over simply because of the Da Vinci factor. If you don’t know who he is. Please read about exactly who Leonardo da Vinci is.

As for Sweden I’d like to stay in Stockholm visit the city and the countryside if possible. I’d love to see the old town in Stockholm. Try some local food (something other then meatballs!) and I’d love to explore the very cultural heart of Sweden too.

I guess I’ll visit Sweden after Italy. Just gotta begin the big save!! πŸ™‚

Anyway have a good weekend all. I should be doing stuff today but I’ve done nothing… been so lazy. Have fun and stay safe πŸ˜‰

Exams over… summer begins!


Meet one of my favourite philosophers Epicurus!

My module A222 – Exploring Philosophy is offically over. After a messy few weeks of revision, I took the exam on the 11th June. I had to choose 3 questions from six parts (2 questions each part which means 12 questions in total). You can only choose one question from each part and each part contained questions based from each of the course material books. All six! The exam lasted 3 hours.

The OU has released the question paper I completed and as much as I’d love to post it here. I can’t for obvious reasons. My results should be with me on the 2nd August if not before.

Overall, I found the module challenging. Not to mention the exam!! But it was good fun. It’s good things weren’t just a walk in the park with this module. I actually feel like I have gained so much through the space of studying A222. Most notably, Ethical stances, being able to open my mind up and question more rather then accept things at face value πŸ™‚

So that’s it till October. I feel like my life is a tad empty until my next OU module in September.. when I start DD209 – Running the Economy. This should be as interesting as it sounds! I’ve got loads of time to go out and do other things I guess.

NO MORE EXAMS wooohoo!

I’m going away to Brussels in July for a bit but I’ll be back with some photos. I won’t leave it long! πŸ™‚