Books for my next OU module arrive next month!

Well, I actually can’t wait to get stuck in really.

Everyday I login and check to see if anything has changed on my studenthome. I’m counting down the days till I receive the module materials and the module website opens!

I’ve got the materials dispatch date in my mind but I do know from previous experience they tend to arrive a little earlier. The fact this is a new module also wets my appetite in anticipation. Other modules that have run before have books that students have read and exam they have taken etc. The books are at the regional centre but as this is a new module there are none unless you want to use the rather poor DD202 Economics and economic change as a reference. However, There is a huge difference between that and the new module! So, I feel like a guinea pig but I am excited to start! To see what the material is. I’ve had a little information from the faculty of Economics about what the first two weeks will cover. I’ll attach that too for any fellow DD209ers or those interested 🙂

The materials dispatch date looms closer!!

The materials dispatch date looms closer!!

There doesn’t seem to be a need for any set books to purchase. Like my previous philosophy module.

One thing that does concern me though is the assignments and assessments. The interactive assessments are due in on the same day as TMAs. Bit of a worry.

The last few days personally I’ve been upset. I did something silly and didn’t word something correctly in a message. So, the girl I like so much just doesn’t want anything to do with me. I miss her a lot. It’s a pain just talking about it.. Ah well. Hope things are better by the next post.

Thanx for reading.

Changes and a visit to Brussels :)

I’ve just had a busy few weeks. I paid another visit to Brussels in July.

I haven’t been there in 13 years but this is the first time I stayed there for 3 days, so I guess that’s what counts right?
Spent time loving the country, the European quarter in Schuman (where all the important EU decisions are made), and eating good food. Travelled on the metro numerous times and visited the nice suburb of Stokkel, enjoyed lunch in a nice cafe there.

I travelled on the Eurostar it was quick comfortable and easy to check in. I can see obvious benefits over any form of air travel. Some characters do ride on trains (they will have you laughing inside).

I brought you readers a few pics. Btw, I did buy Chocolates and have Mussels and Frites ;)..

The Grand place and it's amazing grandeur..

The Grand place and it’s amazing grandeur..

Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis

Another famous Belgian. Tin Tin!

Another famous Belgian. Tin Tin!

The Grand place

The Grand place

I loved it and am planning to do European Voluntary service there. Will see how everything pans out.

Got a few good reads before I start my next university module.

Got a few good reads before I start my next university module.

I’m trying to learn French again. This time to fluency and will do this with German again eventually.

I’m also doing a bit of pre-reading before I start my next OU module in October. I’m really looking forward to starting again after a difficult time with philosophy. This module DD209 – Running the Economy sounds really interesting and sounds like something I can engage with.

I’ve been applying for new jobs. Sick and tired of where I work now. Looking for something PA/Admin based in London. If you know of anything kind readers. Do link me up! 🙂

Getting better at go-karting event by event too. I don’t have any practice time though which puts me at a disadvantage. Last weekend I suffered a high speed accident in qualifying when a wheel came off. I did run wide and bounce heavily over grass and a kerb two laps before which I think broke something. Then in the high speed corner the wheel came off. It was a big impact. I went to hospital after the race. I had some headaches and felt sick as well as neck, back and foot pain! My foot still hurts now it’s very tender. I really should massage it to be honest.

I’m looking forward for the next event. I’ve progressed a lot though despite having little practice time!

The blog is on a much faster server. I’ve switched to and they have impressed so far. Still got lots of things I want to install and configure but not much time!!

On top of that I’ve kind of developed something with a nice lady. Shes gone away for six weeks now so have to see how it goes when shes back but good times all round 🙂

How are my readers doing?