University panic and decorating to do!

Bye bye damaged graphics card!

Bye bye damaged graphics card!

University panic and house decorating leaves mixedmatt flustered.

This week I had a huge panic. Created by a email received from the open university. Panic over now. Although I’m still praying the student loan company pay me for the second of the two modules ill be doing. Otherwise I’ll have to think of fundraising πŸ™‚

The decorators are in the house, doing the hall. Getting in the way! I’d just started sanding my room down. I will put it on pause until they’ve gone. The amount of dust in the house is horrible.

Unfortunately my graphics card also failed on Sunday. So, I’m writing from my iPad. I purchased my super duper pc from pc specialist last year in January. So haven’t had my build long. Lucky I still got manufacturer warranty on my GeForce GTX 570. I hate writing on my iPad so much. Difficult what?!

Well, my graphics card has been sent off now and I received an email today literally the day after sending it! Saying a replacement has been sent! Well done PC Specialist!!

My module materials for DD209 Running the Economy have been sent. They should arrive along with my graphics card tomorrow morning. Excited πŸ˜€

Of course I’ll take some snaps of the module materials!

Also next weekend is the final round of the Lotus cup go-karting championship that I am competing in. Can’t wait just want the last race to end on high.

Have a good weekend readers.

How things can be misunderstood :(

Well, Some of you will know I really got to liking to someone a lot over summer.

Anyway, She went away for a few weeks but we promised to meet when she returned. Things were going well. She came back and everything was okay for a few days. I was planning to go and see her the following week until I screwed up and sent a message that wasn’t worded too well. It looked like it was meant for another girl but it totally wasn’t.

If you want to know what I really said it was along the lines of “Hey sexy lady, you didn’t come in my store at all today?” I understand how this can be taken the wrong way especially when your not in the same area. I should have thought about what I was texting. I only meant it as a joke because a friend said someone matching her description came up to him and said I was good looking.

Needless to say it’s all been misunderstood. It’s been a week and I’m missing her like mad. Trying to keep busy so I don’t think of everything too much. The worst thing is she won’t give me a chance or take a chance to understand. I can understand if shes been hurt before and guys have lied… but I would never hurt her. This was a mistake. Over the time I’ve known her I just think shes simply amazing.

Everyday something reminds me of her. Something she said. Or the country shes from and it’s sooo upsetting. I feel lost. I really miss just talking to her. I’d do anything. I’d go drive down and see her tomorrow but she won’t respond to me or even understand or seem to know how I feel. Oh well.. I’m not gonna assume anything. Just miss her.

πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™