True Belgian moi!
True Belgian moi!

About me: From London, love spending my time in Oxford and Belgium.

I am currently studying towards a MSc in International Public Policy, and hold a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE). Naturally, I have a keen interest in politics. I am an fully paid up member of the liberal democrats, and would describe myself as fitting into the liberal left section of the political compass. I voted remain and I am an avid commentator with regards to the Brexit process.

As much as I hate referenda for many reasons,

I believe the British public should get the right to vote on the final Brexit deal.

By that I mean, if the British public are not satisfied with the current terms of the deal (which could be unsatisfactory, for e.g; a removal from the single market). Then the British public should have the option to renegotiate or re-enter the EU if the deal is unsatisfactory. The issue is large, long-term, and will effect future generations in so many ways. It should not be left down to one question on a ballot paper on the 23rd June 2016 that defines the very future of the country on such a large issue, and that simply ignores any public opinion when negotiations are concluded years later down the line. The democratic deficit needs tackling in this process.

I’m a fan of using facts in discourse, but facts are so 2015…. remember fake news! “Fake News!” Maybe, I’ve got to move with the times 🙂

I am in the process of learning French to fluency. Any assistance in reaching fluency would be well received.

My interests involve meeting friends, socialising, going to bars and pubs, F1, Flying, Driving, the internet, Gaming, Gym, Go-Karting (when I can), politics, Engineering, Castles, Economics, and Music (Reggae, R&B, Rap, Grime and anything with a good beat). Reading when I can, mostly Tom Clancy, Russian literature and The Economist.

I also run the best computer services company in the world! Novenet and The MonkeyPC.

Countries I most want to visit: Italy, Thailand, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Iceland, Finland, Poland.

Political Stand: Lefty, Liberal snowflake

Favourite Beverages: Coke, Beer, Water 😛

Favourite Food: French, Italian, Chinese, Indian cuisine, Fish Pie, Shepherds Pie, Jamaican, and Belgian cuisine.

Online Resume (WIP): http://cv.matthewmorris.eu

Originally, this blog was called my Mixed Blog due to me being of mixed race.

However…. I do believe now that race is a label given by humans to categorise and divide people who are otherwise the same. We all share similar or distinct characteristics. So, I do prefer to see this as a HUMAN blog now. However, any major alterations would take a lot of effort and time that I don’t have.

You will notice that my grammar is terrible in most of my posts (I just write n’ post!) but I think I manage to express what I mean. Well, I hope I do! So, Enjoy my ramblings and enjoy my blog.

2 thoughts to “About”

  1. hello matt, how you doing thought i would come and check out your website looking very good mate.
    hows things, what do you think about the FIA F1 all up in the air.
    what you studing now and doing with yourself.

  2. Hey,

    Everything’s good. Hows you? Ah, I think it’s all a mess bad for F1 and Max needs to resign for the good of the FIA.

    Everything is cool. Doing motorsport at Oxford Brookes. What you up to?