History & Places

I quite like History and Places. Here I’ll try to post pictures of the places I visit. I aim on getting a camera (a load better then using my phone!), and actually taking lots of pictures/videos when I visit places of interest.

In the past I haven’t really got the hang of taking lots of snaps, but I really am going to get into the swing of things. I’ll also give a write-up of the Castles, Museums I visit!

One place I totally have to go in 2018 is Stonehenge. Standby for that!! 😀

Halle Gate

The Halle Gate (image from wikipedia)

The Halle Gate
Place: Porte De Hal/Hallepoort, Brussels, Belgium
Date: 30th September 2014 – 16th June 2015
Website Links: Wikipedia Article on the Halle gate

Unfortunately, It was the end of the day when I visited the Halle Gate. It was around 5pm and my phone had died, alas no piccies. Next time I go Brussels I will return to the Halle gate and update this (Story of the walk inside will be here shortly).

Update: I made the trip again on the 16th June 2015 and managed to get some pics here goes..

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Norwich Castle
Place: Norwich, England
Date: 19th November 2014
Website Link: Wikipedia Article on Norwich Castle

Again not many pictures, it was quite late. I did get a grainy video or two! I didn’t get a tour just a outside view in the dark (Will be uploaded along with my story shortly).

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