Housing and the Grenfell Tower Fire

The Ledbury Estate Peckham. In the event of an explosion the blocks may collapse, subsequently the gas was switched off in the blocks

I perform research and regularly attend events on the UK Housing Crisis. I am in the early stages of writing a paper on the link between class and housing.

Having lived in a tower block myself the Grenfell Tower tragedy really woke me up to what was clearly not an isolated case of neglect in my experience.

These issues led me to campaign for better rental conditions and reform in the housing market. With this I have also conducted research on how the UK can solve the housing crisis.

The videos below are some events I have attended which shed a light on the difficulties that tenants, and more specifically social housing tenants face.

This is the July 2014 Grenfell Tower Newsletter. Pay particular attention to the new fire doors mentioned at the bottom of the newsletter. These where stated to withstand a fire for 30mins, this article from after the fire (tests conducted) finds they could only withstand half that.

The London Borough of Enfield is my home borough and as Citizens Advice (2015) states is a borough of two halves the deprived East and the more prosperous West, separated by the A10 (Great Cambridge Road).