Driving Lessons going well…

My driving lesson on Friday went well again.

This week I did parallel parking (for the first time) and continued practising the turn in the road. I am not too bad at the turn in the road. Manoeuvres aren’t too bad although personally I like driving and not focusing on the manoeuvres. But I know they are essential.

My driving is a lot better and I am pleased with it.

Look forward to my other lessons! πŸ™‚

More Driving

I didn’t have a driving lesson as planned on Friday as my instructor had to attend a funeral.

However I had a lesson on Saturday from 2:30pm till 4:30pm disappointingly it conflicted with my F1 viewing pleasure. However I enjoyed the driving. My instructor says I am above average just a few areas need refining such as my cornering.

My theory isn’t too far off now. It’s booked for the 2nd of April. Drove my mums car in the car park again this week. It was great. Learning manoeuvres such as bay parking and turn in the road.

Can’t write into detail about this right now. Was uneventful though this week πŸ™‚

Pastilles Networks (Again)

Pastilles Networks New Logo

The new site is gaining steam. It’s mainly content items that need adding now. Only one design issue has been highlighted and will be fixed soon. All is looking good for this to be released soon. As of now there is no “certain” release date. However the new site will be released before Easter πŸ™‚

It’s not just the site that’s changing. Behind the scenes management/support structure will be changing too (can’t go into too much detail on this πŸ˜› ).

Things are looking a lot brighter.

Prices have been changed and packages beefed up on the new site. However the price inflation will only effect new clients. All clients will benefit from the increased resource limits. Stay tuned. All clients will receive a email when the new site is ready for release!

The original remedy for your hosting needs…


WordPress World Spam Day!

Well, It seems as though world spam day has started already. Both mixedmatt.com and pastillesnetwoorks.com blogs were overridden with spam. It’s great when you come home from college only to find 50 (Yes, 50!) emails all from the same spam robot that has targeted the blog.

I am starting to think about writing about the hardships of being a blogwriter, admin, lasy-bum, webhost owner πŸ™‚

Don’t believe it? Look below!

Spam, Spam, Spamity, Spam

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